The Committee

President: Robert Soane

Hi! I’m Robert.  I’m a first-year mathematical physics student and have been doing magic since I was 12.  I started my magic studies in a school magic club.  I’ve since learnt from the best of the best at The Magic Circle’s Young Magicians Club until I was 18.  On coming to Notts I joined Magic Soc and now I’m the President.  Come along to the club on Thursdays at 19:00 in Portland C20 to learn about the art of magic!

Vice President: Alec Bishop

Hi! I’m Alec, and I’m currently studying Philosophy in my first year. I‘ve been doing magic for over two and a half years now, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot more by joining the society and being able to talk and practice with other magicians. I look forward to meeting you over the year!

Treasurer: CheeWai

Hi, I’m CheeWai, a sleight-of-hand artist of sorts. I joined Magic Society to learn how to become a magician. What’s the difference? Magic is magic only if there’s someone to perform to, someone to experience it!

Secretary: Lawrence Belle

 Hi, I’m Lawrence, a first-year maths student and have been enjoying my experience in magic society despite not being able to perform any magic before joining the society. Joining the society has given me a chance to learn and experience some of the best magic out there, and I’m looking forward to next year which should be just as good, if not better!

Woman’s Officer: Amber Carlton

Hi! I’m Amber, a first year History student. I’ve always loved magic, but I never knew where to begin in regard to learning it. Joining the society has already begun to remedy that and I hope to learn more with everyone throughout the year!

Social and Publicity Officer: Krishnan Ganesh

Hi, my name is Krishnan Ganesh. I am a first-year physics student and the current Social and Publicity Officer. I first started magic in year 11 after watching David Blaine and Derren Brown videos. I’ve been thinking about and practising it since. Joining Magic Soc has elevated my magic performance abilities within a very short period of time! I aim to keep performing and promote magic soc to anybody who is interested

Librarian: Henry Lyons

 Hey! I’m Henry, and I’m a first-year Maths student. I had no background in magic when I joined the society, but I have already learned a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces over the next year!