The Nottingham University Magic Society was founded by Chris Martin in 2003.  The club has since grown to become one of the largest fully student-run magic clubs in the country.  It has won many awards from the Nottingham University Student Union.  Each year the society has produced a gala show.  Normally consisting of some of the worlds best!  Some years the gala show is performed entirely by members.


List of Past Presidents

2004-2006 Chris Martin
2006-2007 Douglas Tan
2007-2008 Albert Piong
2008-2009 David Fung
2009-2010 Albert Piong
2010-2011 Graham Moore
2011-2012 Chris Alton
2012-2013 Rahul Gandhi
2013-2014 Eric Kwok
2014-2015 Hongbo Tian
2015-2016 Samuel Leworthy
2016-2017 Andy Dean
2017-2018 Constantine Qin
2018-2019 Robert Soane

The Nottingham University Magic Society is affiliated with the University of Nottingham Student Union.

Our Constitution can be found here.