The Society has been fortunate enough to have had many members go on to continue to do great things in the world of magic.  Some of the most prominent are listed on this page!

Chris Wilder

Chris Wilderfounded this society during his time here at uni, and was president for 2 years.  Initially working as a teacher, he is now a full time magician.  He is extremely involved in the Nottingham magic scene and a member of The Magic Circle, the worlds premier magic society.  He runs the Open Mic Night at the Lord Roberts in Nottingham every month.  This is an amazing platform for magicians to try out new routines in the basement of a pub.

Dr Will Houstoun

Dr Will Houstoun started his magic career at The Magic Circle’s Young Magicians Club and is now a Member of The Inner Magic Circle.  He was a member of the society for a year during his time at uni here.  Will is a multi-award winning magician with awards to his name such as The Magic Circle’s Close-Up Magician of the Year 2015 and the European Magic Championships! Oh, and he’s got a PhD in magic!

Andy Dean

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Eric Kwok

Eric started magic during his school days as a hobby.  He was a member of the society throughout his time at the University.  Eric is also Member of the Magic Circle.  He was our president from 2013-2014, and still performs magic professionally, and is currently based in New South Wales, Australia.