The Committee

President: Constantine

Hello, I am Constantine, a magician. Yes, a magician, not a musician! Magic Society is an underground secret organisation aiming at training magicians. Join the inner circle to be a magician! Looking forward to meeting you here.


Vice President: Theodore Powell

Hi, I am Theodore Powell. I am in my second year studying biochemistry. Magic has always fascinated me, but joining magic society at Nottingham allowed me to become a real magician. It helps when you can learn from the best!


Treasurer: CheeWai

Hi, I’m CheeWai, a sleight-of-hand artist of sorts. I joined Magic Society to learn how to become a magician. What’s the difference? Magic is magic only if there’s someone to perform to, someone to experience it!


Secretary: Robert Soane

 Hi! I’m Robert.  I’m a first year mathematical physics student, and have been doing magic since I was 12.  I ran for secretary when Tommy became the Social Secretary and was elected unopposed! I also run the website at the moment.


Social Secretary: Tommy Ruler

Hi, I’m Tommy Ruler and I’m in third year studying natural sciences. I learnt Magic from YouTube for a year and a half before coming to uni and cannot recommend learning Magic in a group environment enough. It’ll be great to see you guys over the year!


Publicity Officer: Daniel Pickering

Hi, I’m Daniel and I’m in second year studying Chemical Engineering. I started learning magic in my first year at university and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I look forward to meeting and teaching magic to new members of the society.


Librarian: Sam Lorenz

Hi! I’m Sam, a second year studying mathematics, and the MagicSoc Librarian. I’ve been interested in magic for a long time, which is why I joined the society last year. I already feel like I have improved since joining the society.