Derren Brown Trip!

We are planning on running the following trip on Wednesday 25th April 2018 which we strongly recommend you go on.

For those of you who don’t know Derren Brown is one of the worlds best magicians, hypnotists and stage performers. He’s done countless TV shows and stage tours – he’s the equivalent of todays David Berglas, Paul Daniels or Wayne Dobson.

A couple of years ago he started a tour overseas for the first time. It was called Derren Brown: Underground. On return to the UK he did a stint in the West End which was a success. Today Derren announced he is planning a tour. One of his stops is in the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Nottingham University Magic Society have decided to run a trip to see Derren in action.  The show is on Wednesday 25th April at 7:30 pm

You can expect: Comedy, Hypnosis, Sleight of hand (although usually masked very well!) and some of the best misdirection and performance in the industry.

Ticket sales open on Wednesday 6th December. Tickets are priced between £32-39 excluding the booking fee. We estimate the total cost of the trip will be £40 or less. It depends on how good the seats for £32 are, and how much the booking fee is.

We will try to get tickets when they go on sale. This means we need people to have signed up by Tuesday 5th of December.

There is a sign-up form going live HERE at 9am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 29th November). Please fill in the form if you would like to come! By filling in the sign up form, you’re committing to paying to go on the trip.

There will probably be a maximum number of tickets we can purchase, however at the moment it doesn’t say what the maximum is. If we reach the maximum, we will have to allocate the tickets on a first come first served basis, in order of when you signed up. So make sure you sign up ASAP!!

I would definitely come along to the show! I know £40 sounds like a lot, but for that money you’re seeing one of the best psychological illusionists in the country! It is certainly not something to pass up the opportunity to go to!

~~Click Here To Go To The Sign Up Link!~~

(There is a strikethrough on the link – thats because it won’t work until 9am.  At 9am it will definitely work!!)

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