Blackpool Magic Convention Trip

The Blackpool Magic Convention is the worlds largest magic convention with 3,500 magicians of every level. It is an amazing experience for beginners and experts alike and we would really recommend it.  There are loads of magic dealers selling their products, and more magic lectures than there is physically time to see!

Every year the society organise a trip to the convention for members.  The comittee are deep in planning this years trip.  The convention runs from 16th-18th of February.  We will leave campus on the Friday morning and return on Sunday evening.

The total price for the trip is approx £210, however the comittee are trying to work out a subsidy so hopefully it will be cheaper!!  This £210 includes tickets to the convention, travel and accommodation.  It would still be worth bringing some spending money to buy from the dealers, and money for food.

The deadline to sign up, and paying the initial £100 deposit is 30th November.  Please tell Chee Wai by then if you’d like to come.  This is also the date of our next guest lecture, by Tom Elderfield, so make sure not to miss this!

To find out more come to the sessions and chat with any of the committee or just message us.

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