Account Security and Lockouts

Below are a few notes on account security and lockouts.

Your password is not kept on file accessible by us.  It is randomly generated by the server when your account is created, and emailed directly to you.  If you think you’re going to forget your allocated password, you may change your password through the ‘forgot password’ link on the login page.  Input your email/username and request a link.  Click the link in your emails.  It will automatically allocate a password, but you can remove the random password and type in your own.

When logging in, bear in mind that there is a maximum number of failed attempts when logging into the Members Zone. If you enter 4 incorrect passwords your IP address is automatically blocked for 20 minutes.  If you enter further incorrect passwords after the time limit you IP address gets blocked for 24 hours.  If locked out you can send a message to and if we see it in time we can unblock your IP address! Otherwise you’ll have to wait the time limit out.

If you have any problems email